Hello I'm Qasim your new
Programming & Startup Teacher

I help people to learn programming and create stunning
Digital Products to sell it to the world

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Why work with me?

From a Simple Web Developer
to Successful Digital Startups Owner

In 2014 I founded PHPTRAVELS, a travel tech company specialized in building travel portal and grew it into a multi-million dollar company.

I’ve since successfully managing it and & I help people to learn programming to earn thousands of dollars. profit through building digital products / startups.

What do I teach:

  • Programming by my experience
  • Digital Startup with my consultation
  • Marketing & Sales using my expertise
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or get in touch with me via e-mail [email protected]

How I will help you!

I will help you to design your career. it's not only training I will be there for you whenver you need me to help you even in person

I will track everything and take you to move forward no matter what happens. I'm the man of action

I will provide you many resouces connections and roadmaps to maintain your mental + business health

About me

So, who’s Qasim Hussain?

I stand out from other Entrepreneur's because I’ve actually built a multi-million dollar travel tech company from scratch.

That’s why I know how programming marketing and sales actually work to create build impact.

And while most programmers only care about the presentations, I care more about how things perform.

qasim hussain awards

Before my business grew into a multi-million dolar company there was a point where I had to do everything myself: design, UX, copywriting, marketing, advertising, sales, front-end dev, accounting…

This left me with a deep understanding of what profitable businesses really need.

I'm now able to focus 100% on what I do best: & decided to transform my knowledge.

Today I help businesses and people to optimize their potential + performance to build a evolutionary solutions.

So, listen! If you

  • Are tired of not having any roadmap!
  • Do not understand technologies
    Not even read basics of software development
  • Having zero confidence about selling your skills
    Or never communicated with any client before

This is your chance!

Contact me Today!

or get in touch with me via e-mail [email protected]


Want to see my work in action? Take a look at my portfolio…

Most of my work is locked behind NDAs, but I’ve managed to convince a select few of my clients to let me showcase their projects below.



PHPTRAVELS is 100% open-source platform for online travel agencies to buy our CMS and instantly start selling travel services

More about the project



Iata.co is one-stop solution for all OTAs to get GDS + airlines within 10 minutes to integrate with website via APIs

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Khudcar helping people to rent car bikes or bycycles on the go. with chepest price find the best vehicle of your choice.

More about the project



Paidlance helping professionals to connect with single search based on skills empowering IT resouces without any charges

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Moments Farmhouse

Moments Farmhouse rental property available for family or corporate events to booking with private space

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