qasim hussain

From a Simple Web Developer!
to Successful Digital Startups Owner

In 2014 I founded PHPTRAVELS, a travel tech company specialized in building travel portal and grew it into a multi-million dollar company.

I’ve since successfully managing it and & I help people to learn programming to earn thousands of dollars. profit through building digital products / startups.

What do I train:
  • Programming by my experience
  • Digital Startup with my consultation
  • Marketing & Sales using my expertise


I will help you to design your career. it's not only training I will be there for you whenver you need me to help you even in person

I will track everything and take you to move forward no matter what happens. I'm the man of action

I will provide you many resouces connections and roadmaps to maintain your mental + business health

Before my business grew into a multi-million dolar company there was a point where I had to do everything myself: design, UX, copywriting, marketing, advertising, sales, front-end dev, accounting…

This left me with a deep understanding of what profitable businesses really need.

I'm now able to focus 100% on what I do best: & decided to transform my knowledge.

Today I help businesses and people to optimize their potential + performance to build a evolutionary solutions.

So, listen! If you

  • Are tired of not having any roadmap!
  • Do not understand technologies
    Not even read basics of software development
  • Having zero confidence about selling your skills
    Or never communicated with any client before

Contact me and let's see what I can do for you!

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